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Two-step authentication is required?
We are increasingly looking for greater security in our daily transactions. The bank’s keywords, the online platforms, social networks, cloud services and a long list of actions that we take over the course of a day require – which we see as great – to have a authentication of our account in two steps.

Yeah. Yeah. We know what many users tell us:” It’s more cumbersome, they don’t feel like typing rare and annotated passwords in forgotten notebooks, than at the end of the day even though they ask for two passwords to enter, we use the same (1234 or 1808 my birthday)” … Crash ! Error! … This is a small list of excuses that even we in our collaborating team have had to listen and not only for the typical users of content marketing but also for more technical profiles.

If we tell you that you can make maximum security your way into almost every page, but that it barely means anything to you, that it’s easier than taking money out of the ATM, then? Are you gonna think about it? More and more platforms are betting on this type of security code. We have to be prepared for everything.

We present you a form so simple that you will never fight again with your passwords and the keys that overwhelm you. In the following video, we explain it very easy, clear and simple.

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