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NoMorePass works in conjunction with the internet browsers using extensions, in this page you’ll be able to download and install the latest version and check if the website you need to enter is supported/tested with our system.

Latest versions:

To install just download and execute from the same browser the extension, a new icon will appear and will be activated when you are in a page with user/password.

Sites supported

This is a list of tested websites, the extensions are ready to recognize general patterns so it is possible that your can send your credentials to any other website. If you have success (or not), please drop us a comment with the url and result and we will include in the list (or we try to modify the extension to match the page).

facebook.com1.3.6YESFully functional
Dropbox.com1.3.6YESFully functional
Yahoo.com1.3.6YESFully functional
Twitter.com1.3.6YESLogin page
esprinet.com1.3.6YESFully functional
bbva.es1.3.6YESNeed click on login button
groupon.es1.3.6YESFully functional
uem.es1.3.6YESFully functional
login.live.com1.3.6PARTIALEnter username and use nmp to fill the password
account.google.com1.3.6PARTIALEnter username and use nmp to fill the password
wordpress.or1.3.6YESFully functional
mailgun.com1.3.6YESFully functional
mailjet.com1.3.6YESFully functional
linkedin.com1.4.0YESFully functional
rankia.com1.4.1YESFully functional
Paypal.com1.4.1YESFully functional
investing.com1.4.1YESFully functional
movescount.com1.4.1YESFully functional
lichess.org1.4.1YESFully functional
surfsky.info1.4.1YESFully functional
metodotraining.com1.4.1NO HTTPSNot functional due to lack of https on website
bet365.es1.4.1NONot funcional
wordpress.org1.3.6YESFully functional
siteground.com1.3.6YESFully functional
launchpad.net1.3.6YESFully funcional
500px.com1.4.2YESFully functional. Prior to 1.4.2 not working.
airbnb.com1.4.1NOThe web replace filled fields and give error.
amazon.es, amazon.com1.4.2YESFully functional. Prior to 1.4.2 only fill passsword field.
anfix.com1.4.2YESFully functional
animaker.es1.3.6YESFully functional
autodesk.com1.4.2PARTIALLYOnly active in second step, does not submit the form prior to 1.4.2
betafy.com1.4.2YESFully functional
gestiondecuenta.com1.3.6YESFully functional
disqus.com1.4.2YESFully functional
ebay.com1.4.2YESFully functional
dinahosting.com/1.4.2YESFully functional
https://www1.ibercajadirecto.com - Ibercaja Directo1.4.2PARTIALLYEnter username and password but it is necessary to press "Entrar"
https://www1.ibercajadirecto.com - Acceso Tarjetas1.4.2NONot funcional
htcmania.com1.4.2NONot funcional
teamviewer.com1.4.2YESFully functional. But it is necessary to resolve the captcha.
netflix.com1.4.2NONot funcional
ver.movistarplus.es1.4.2YESFully functional
icloud.com1.4.2NONot funcional
appleid.apple.com1.4.2NONot funcional
sonyentertainmentnetwork.com1.4.2PARTIALLYOnly password. To be fixed.
caixabank.es1.4.4YESPrior to 1.4.4 does not work
packlink.es1.4.4YESPrior to 1.4.4 only filled the password field
disroot.org1.4.3YESFully functional
coinbase.com1.5.0YESFully functional, including 2FA
bitinca.pe1.5.0YESFully functional, including 2FA


  1. Jose Antonio

    Let us know the websites you have tried with our extensions and the results in order to fulfill the table.


    • regularuser

      betafy.co : only transfer password, not username (v1.4.1).

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