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Your passwords always with you



“I have always been bothered a lot by the fact that I have to remember all my login credentials, no matter if I use them much or not. In the end, I just forget them. Browsers can be a help to store passwords, although it is not safe at all, besides anytime I change my computer, I am facing the same problem.
NoMorePass is an app that, along with browser add-ons or through website-embedded libraries, allows mobile authentication with no need to remember passwords.

How it works?

Safe, personal, easy


Your passwords are encrypted all the time, all transfers are on https and the credentials are encrypted with single-use keys.


Your passwords always with you. No servers, no unsafe transfers, no browser dependencies.


Magic! You can send passwords to your favorite websites without any effort. Only select it on your phone.

Two factor authentication

Two-step authentication is required? We are increasingly looking for greater security in our daily transactions. The bank's keywords, the online platforms, social networks, cloud services and a long list of actions that we take over the course of a day require - which...

Nomorepass officially on Mozilla

Nomorepass officially on Mozilla

Although we had the Mozilla plugin developed from the beginning the final approval of it to join the official "store" of Mozilla has taken a little longer than expected, but finally this morning we received the expected mail: So, as you can see we can install directly...

New version 1.4.4, ready to install

New version 1.4.4, ready to install

Our mobile application has since Tuesday a new version available for download on both platforms. The main novelties are: Fix a problem that prevented you from backing up to a new phone. Solve connectivity problems Interface enhancements Inclusion of the new password...

What do they say about us?


There are numerous references to our App recommending its use. ain references (spanish)



“uno de los mejores gestores de contraseñas” (link)


“la aplicación para olvidar tus contraseñas” (link)


“Esta aplicación organiza y gestiona ‘passwords’ para poder autentificarnos mediante el móvil sin tener que recordar nuestras contraseñas” (link)


“NoMorePass, para llevar las contraseñas siempre contigo” (link)

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