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Forget your passwords!

Your passwords all time with you. Only on your phone, away from the cloud.


One thing that has always bothered me a lot is the fact of having to memorize the keys of the different sites, no matter if I visited a lot or a little. In the end, I ended up forgetting. The browsers helped me by remembering the passwords, but in a very insecure way, and every time I changed my computer I had the same problem again. NoMorePass is an app that, together with complements in the browser or through libraries to embed in websites, allows authentication through the mobile without having to remember the passwords.

How it works?

Safe, private and easy


Your passwords are encrypted all the time, every transfer are https and credentials encrypted with one-time key.


Your passwords always with you. No servers, no unsafe transfers, no browser dependencies.


Magic! You can send passwords to your favorite websites without any effort. Only select it on your phone.

The time for password managers

Reading this entry by Enrique Dans we find ourselves with an accurate analysis of an unprecedented move by a large company to force (or encourage) all its employees to use one of the password managers in the market (in this case 1password) in order to improve...

Why it is not recommended to save passwords in the browser.

Why it is not recommended to save passwords in the browser.

When we are using a browser and it detects that we have entered a password, it offers us the possibility of saving it and using it the next time it is necessary. It's very convenient, you can access secure pages without the "hassle" of typing long passwords that you...

How to perform a local backup

How to perform a local backup

The version 1.9.0 of NoMorePass brings as main novelty the possibility of performing a local backup of all our passwords. In order to use this backup it is necessary to have a subscription, here you can find the prices of our application. Now we will see how to...

NoMorePass in the media

Several posts on massmedia mentions NoMorePass.  You can see all of them in the blog.


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“This application organizes and manages passwords in order to authenticate us by mobile phone without having to remember our passwords” (link)


“NoMorePass, to carry your passwords with you all the time” (link)


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