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Reading this entry by Enrique Dans we find ourselves with an accurate analysis of an unprecedented move by a large company to force (or encourage) all its employees to use one of the password managers in the market (in this case 1password) in order to improve corporate security.

Does this mean that, at last, those in charge of the companies are beginning to realise how unsustainable an ecosystem is, where security is left in the hands of people’s memories and that, given the huge number of secrets that we have to keep, they are simply managing these passwords in a very bad way? How will the experiment work out? will users continue to do what they always do but with one more app in their pockets? will companies take seriously who uses the passwords and to whom they can be passed on? will other companies follow the example of apple or will it all be an experiment?

I’m not sure, there are still many scares to take us to be aware of the reality of our digital life and how to truly protect it. One step forward is to use a password manager and the definitive step (where your passwords are only yours) would be to use nomorepass and forget all the passwords once and for all… We’re just getting started, but the future is determined to catch up. Are you joining us?