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NoMorePass backup

NoMorePass is a FREE application that allows you to store ALL our passwords on a device with an Android or iOS operating system (a phone, tablet, etc.).

Passwords are saved only on that device. Not even the backup, which is performed on Drive by Android or iOSiCloud, will store the information contained in NoMorePass.

So if we restore, for example, a phone to its factory state we will lose all application data.

For this reason, we offer to you the NoMorePass Backup.

To use this service, you must have a Gmail account (since the backup will be done on Google Drive) and sign up for your monthly or annual subscription. We charge for this subscription (just over 1€ per month or if we contract 12 months just under 11€).

NoMorePass will store the encrypted information and retrieve it when we need it. This way if we delete the application, lose the phone or any other issue that we have, we will be sure to be able to recover all our passwords.