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Web Integration

Instructions for integrating into your website

In order to use NoMorePass (version qr) in your own web all you have to do is create a button or a link to activate the process, a div or similar to show the code qr, insert the following line to load the libraries:

<script src="https://www.nomorepass.com/js/dist/nomorepass.min.js"></script>

And the code to operate the system, would be (assuming an input with email id for the user and an input with id password for the password):

NomorePass.fielduser = "#email";
NomorePass.fieldpass = "#password";
NomorePass.qrcode = "#qrcode";
NomorePass.callback = function () {
// Enter here the code that we want to execute after receiving the password.

The code that launches the authentication, and that you can put as onclick on the button or as a link would be:


When launching that code the qr is generated, the element is shown with the selector that we have indicated for qrcode and it is waiting to receive the credentials to decrypt them. Once received and unencrypted write them within the fields we have indicated as fielduser and fieldpass

And that’s all (for the moment).

You can see an example working in:


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