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NoMorePass is a series of products needed to makes the magic happen. These products are:

Mobile apps:

  • Android app : The app that lets you keep your passwords safe on your Android phone.
  • iOS app : The app that allows you to store and use your passwords on your iPhone or iPad.


The plugin that allows you to easily enter the passwords of your phone to your favorite websites:

  • Chrome extension: v1.5.0. Works on any google chrome browser (and on chromium systems)
  • Firefox extension: v1.5.0. It works on any Firefox browser</span></span>, on windows, OSX and Linux.
  • Safari Extension: v.1.5.0. works on Safari Mac (not tested on other platforms).
  • Opera extension: v1.5.0. works on Opera Windows, Mac y Linux.


If you want to include NoMorePass auth in your website running some CMS try our plugins:



In each of its pages, you can see its detailed features and leave comments on the problems that you can find.