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Help – First use

Basic instructions

Now what?

Create some passwords using the App

Visit the tests pages (click on “no más passwords”):

If you have installed the browser extension open some page with login/password fields. Although we do not support them all, we recognize the most important ones… Click on the icon , You will see a qr code appear in the middle of the screen.

Locate the password to send in the password list of your app and click on the icon with the form of qr. Point the camera at the qr code on the screen and… voila!

Next time you will not even need to select the password. Use the red icon on the bottom left to scan the qr that send the last password that was used on that website.

Watch this video:


Some problem?

Leave a comment on this page, send a tweet to @nomorepass_ or write to us on our Fabebook page. Here the most common problems:

  • Firefox avoid me to install the extension: see this link.
  • I forgot the masterpass and I can’t access: if you did a backup, you can uninstall and reinstall the app and recover the last backup.