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Our mobile application has since Tuesday a new version available for download on both platforms. The main novelties are:

  • Fix a problem that prevented you from backing up to a new phone.
  • Solve connectivity problems
  • Interface enhancements
  • Inclusion of the new password exchange functionality through qr-code

This last feature is the most interesting of the novelties, it allows to send passwords to someone close without having to send by any “insecure” way the identifier of the phone.

How to use it:
The user who wants to receive the password goes to Settings option and clicks the share icon to the right of their ID.
A window with a qr-code inside will arise.
 Now you just have to show it to the person who wants to send us the password and he/she will have to do the same as if he wanted to send it to the web by choosing the password to send and scanning this qr-code.
Enjoy it!