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A short list of the most common questions:


Where are my passwords stored?

Your credentials are stored encrypted on your mobile device, never sent to any server in a way that can be decrypted. If you make a copy in the cloud your passwords will be saved with another encryption key in the google drive directory that only you have access to.

How can I recover my master password if I forget it?

You can't, you'll have to reinstall the application and recover your last backup.

Is there a way to remember the master password so I don't have to enter it every time I open the application?

Only if you have a biometric system configured on your computer (fingerprint reader or facial recognition), then that method is used instead of the master password.

Is there a password recovery feature in the NoMorePass application?

No. Passwords can only be recovered via backup if the master password is lost.

I forgot my master password, but I can still access it using fingerprint or facial recognition. Can I change my password to a new one?

Yes, in configuration there is an option to change the master password.

Can I recover my passwords on a PC/mac?

You can use the desktop application that allows you to send passwords to and from your PC.

Do passwords remain stored on the PC/mac when I use them?

No, all information in the extension and in the desktop application is deleted every time it is used.

I have deleted the application, how do I recover my passwords?

Reinstall it and recover the last backup (backup -> login -> restore)

How do I generate a random password for an account?

When editing the password click on the option "Generate new password".

Can I choose different levels of security for the generated password?

No, the generated password complies with most of the restrictions, but if you want, you can edit it by hand.

Can I add passwords from the NoMorePass browser extension?

No. No. The extension only receives passwords, it does not send them.

How can I enter a password in another application on my mobile/tablet?

You can send a password from your app to any other app, simply click on the share icon in the password window and enter the ID of the other device. It can be made easier by sharing the device ID and scanning the generated QR code as if you were sending a key to a website.

Can I send a password if I don't know the recipient's ID - by email, bluetooth, airdrop... for example?

From the desktop application, you can generate a sending QR code and send a screenshot with the QR code to anyone you want (note that the codes expire after two hours).

I can't find a password, how do I find it?

Use the magnifying glass icon on the top bar or click in the middle of the bar, you can start typing and you will see the credentials that match the text you type.

Does the NoMorePass desktop application store my passwords inside the PC/mac and does it securely?

No, the desktop application does not store any passwords, it simply receives the password you send at the moment.

Can I remotely delete passwords from a device in case of loss or theft?

You can't do that. However, please note that in order for them to access your passwords on the lost/stolen device they should know the master key or have your biometric data. There's no way we can access the passwords without that data.

If I send a password to another device, will that person be able to view and/or edit the received password?

Yeah. In the business edition that option can be restricted.

I want to change my current password for a website to the one automatically generated by NoMorePass, how do I do it?

Use the usual procedure to change the password on that website and when you need to enter the new password use the desktop application to send the new password to the computer.

Can I change several passwords at once in the NoMorePass application, or do I have to do it one by one?

You can't, you have to do it one by one.

If I want to stop using NoMorePass, is it necessary to request that the data be deleted from any server, or is it enough to delete the application?

NoMorePass does not store data on its servers, so deleting the application is best. If you want to remove the backup on Google Drive, it's best to remove all passwords within the app and then back it up, so you'll have deleted the copy file as well.

Can I trust in you?

No, and I hope you don't trust any person or company to keep your passwords. Our servers do not store or interpret your keys. Don't trust anyone when it comes to your safety.


Can I save my passwords on a USB stick to take them to another computer?

No, passwords never leave your device except for backup and using the QR code.

Can I delete my backup on Google Drive?

No, but the next one you generate with that user will replace the previous one.

What if someone hacked into my Google Drive and got their hands on NoMorePass backup?

The NoMorePass backup file cannot be recovered directly by the user (it does not appear in Google Drive files) only the app can recover it. We are implementing security measures to be able to "block" users.

Does the NoMorePass server store any of the data I enter in my mobile/tablet/Pc or mac application?

No, the servers do not store any data, they simply transfer them and are always encrypted with unknown keys.

If I forget my master password, how can I recover my backup data?

All you need is your Google email address.

Someone deleted my application NoMorePass, can I recover my passwords without having made a backup?

No, you can't.

Does NoMorePass synchronize with my iCloud backup if I want to restore my iOS device?

No, iCloud has proven to be insecure, so only the configuration data is saved, not the passwords.

What about Google on an Android device?

In fact, we don't recommend having a different backup account than the one used in Android for security reasons.

How do I change my phone?

If you have to change your phone or your phone has broken down or you have lost yours we expect you to have made a backup to the cloud (import/export option) in that case recovering your passwords on a new device is as simple as restoring a copy with the same account you used to make the backup.


Can I pay for a single backup or is there only a monthly/annual subscription model?

For now, there is only a subscription, but it doesn't have a permanence, so you can only subscribe for as many months as you need.

What happens if my subscription has expired and I want to recover my backups?

You can always recover your backups even if your subscription has expired.

Do I need to enter any bank details in the application to purchase a subscription?

No, in-app purchases use the data you have configured in Appstore or Google Play


I work within a company network that blocks certain internet access, can I still use NoMorePass?

You will need to verify that the http connections to nomorepass.com work and that the number of requests per minute is not limited. If you have a problem you can check with your network administrator.

Do I need administrator permissions to install the NoMorePass browser extension?

No, you don't need them.


This is for free?

Yes, the use of the application, extensions, libraries and plugins is completely free. You will only have to pay for a subscription if you want to back up your passwords and have more than 5 stored in your phone.

Do I need to register a user before I start using the application?

No, the system is completely anonymous.

Do I need to enter a username and/or password in the NoMorePass browser extension?

No. No. Simply click on the extension icon when you need to enter a password.

And for the desktop application?

It remains anonymous.

Do I need to create a NoMorePass.com account to use the NoMorePass application?

No registration is required.

Can I use the NoMorePass web extension to manage my passwords?

The web extension does not store any password, it only serves to fill in the login fields with the password you send at that moment and forget all the data immediately.

Can I import a key file from Chrome or Firefox?

Yes, you can from the desktop application. There is an article that explains how to generate the files on this page.

If I don't have an internet connection, will the NoMorePass application and/or extension still work?

No. NoMorePass is designed for use on websites so we take it for granted that you have an internet connection, both on your PC/mac and on your phone.

Will using the NoMorePass application consume a lot of mobile data?

Just a few bytes (like writing in Whatsapp). The only data transmitted over the network is the encrypted password.

Does the NoMorePass application also work via Bluetooth?

No. We are studying its use, but for the time being it has proven to be more insecure than the current exchange protocol.

Can other users log in with their users/passwords to their NoMorePass mobile application on my PC/mac?

Yeah, as long as you have the extension installed. There is no risk as the passwords are not stored on the computer.

Can I create groups or different users within the NoMorePass application?

No in this version.

Can I choose between using my fingerprint or a PIN code in iOS? and Android?

Not in iOS, there is a bug that gives an error when trying to use the PIN, but in Android you can choose the alternative method without any problem.

Is the application integrated with iOS so that it automatically fills in username and password?

Not at all, if you don't use the QR code, you can copy the password and paste it where you need it.

What happens to web pages that ask to fill in a captcha or a third security field?

You have to do it by hand.

If I have 2 mobiles and a tablet, can I use the same data on different devices - how? do they update each other?

Yes, you can. However, they are not updated automatically. You can make a backup in one of them and restore in the others, that way you will have the same passwords in all of them.

Can I share my passwords through instant messaging applications?

No, but you can share your Device ID to receive passwords through the NoMorePass application.

Can I use it on my website?

Yes, you can integrate it directly into the html of your page by following these steps or using the WordPress plugin.


Is there a minimum screen resolution for QR codes to work?

No, they work in any resolution.

My mobile phone has a 3 Mpx camera, would it also work with NoMorePass?

Yeah. QR codes are designed to be read in all circumstances.

What's this about AES encryption?

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard and is an encryption scheme adopted as a standard by the US government and endorsed by the National Security Agency (NSA). We therefore have one of the most secure protocols to date.

Does NoMorePass have two-factor authentication?

Yeah. If the web has this service just scan the authenticator configuration from the list of passwords and each time we use it we will be shown the second code. You can watch a tutorial here.

Does the NoMorePass extension work in the incognito mode of my browser?

Yes, as long as you configure the extension properly in your browser.


I get an "error -128" on iPhone when TouchID or FaceID fails, is that normal?

Yes, unfortunately it is a bug in iOS that we are fixing. However, the application continues to function correctly despite this error message. You will need to close and re-open it, or use the master password.

I get a "Setup failed error" on iPhone after logging into My Passwords, is it normal?

Yes, this is the error that appears if your in-app purchases in iOS are restricted and, therefore, it prevents you from making backups. It disappears by correctly configuring the purchases in the Appstore.

I get a bug in Android "Init failed - Failed to query inventory. 6:Error" when opening the application, without entering the master password, how do I solve it?

This is due to a failure of your mobile device's internet connection. Check the connection and try again.

NoMorePass doesn't fill out web forms correctly, what do I do?

It may be a site that is not compatible or with a format that we have not yet implemented. You can let us know by email so that in future revisions it will already work.

I use a website where the browser extension does not work, what can I do?

This can be for several reasons: If you don't use https, it won't work, because we don't want your passwords to travel on an unsecured channel. In that case, you will be asked to change it to https or to install the NoMorePass service. If you are already in https, please send us an email indicating the URL that fails and we will try to get you in the next extensions review.

I have scanned the QR code of the website and the mobile phone tells me that it has sent the credentials but nothing happens, what do I do?

Check that you have an internet connection and try again. QR codes are single-use codes, so if that code has already been used, it will give you a different error and if it was a connection problem it will work after retrieving it.

I get the NoMorePass extension, but when I click, nothing happens.

Generally this happens when the page is not https (we do not allow your passwords to be sent over unsecured pages) or if the format of the login form is not recognized.


How do I add a site icon to the NoMorePass mobile application password?

It is added automatically the first time you scan the QR code using the site list icon.

How do I edit a password I already have on my mobile?

Simply click on the pencil icon next to the password name in the list of sites.

What is my Device ID? Can I change it?

It's a unique identifier associated with your phone. It is assigned the first time the application is opened and cannot be changed.


I have a problem or question that is not described here, how do I let you know?

You can do it by email to soporte@nomorepass.com